My teaching philosophy is centered around experiential and active learning by providing students the opportunity to apply foundational learnings to real-world marketing problems.


Marketing Strategy               Marketing Research               Digital Marketing

Marketing Analytics                          New Product Development

Courses Taught

Course Number/Name



MKTG 311V: Consumer Behavior (F2F)

Fall 2022

End of Semester S1: TBD S2: TBD
Mid-Semester – S1: 4.69 S2: 4.47

MKT 4385: Marketing Strategy – Capstone (D)

Summer 2021

End of Semester– TBD
Mid-Semester – TBD

MKT 4385: Marketing Strategy – Capstone (F2F)

Spring 2021

End of Semester– 4.60
Mid-Semester – 4.30

MKT 4385: Marketing Strategy – Capstone (F2F)

Fall 2020

End of Semester– 5.00
Mid-Semester – 4.38

MKT 3356: Marketing Research & Analysis (D)

Summer 2020

End of Semester– 4.40
Mid-Semester – 4.48

MKT 3356: Marketing Research & Analysis (H)

Spring 2020

End of Semester – 3.70
Mid-Semester – 3.93

What Students Say

Spring 2021

Dr. Manis is a great professor. He has challenged us as students to stretch ourselves through the work he assigns us, and he engages us in lecture well

I loved having Dr. Manis for my capstone course. He kept us engaged in class and kept high expectations of our performance/ participation while also being very understanding of issues students face in the pandemic and life in general.

This course was my favorite of any class I’ve taken at Texas Tech. Manis is an effective and engaging instructor. The use of real world cases helped me to see the applicable value of concepts taught in class. Overall I had an extremely positive experience.

Fall 2020

Well taught course. Thank you Dr. Manis for keeping everyone engaged even though most of us are about to graduate.

You did a wonderful job adapting to the situation we were given.

I really liked Dr. Manis teaching style. It was a very hands on class with a lot of presentations and I feel I learned a lot.

Summer 2020

This is the most effective online course that I have ever taken at Rawls!

I really appreciate how informative and engaged you are with the class, you have made it feel like we are actually in your class. Thank You

Great professor, helped me with many issues I was going through. 11/10

Spring 2020

I really like how he walks us through complex material and makes it easier to understand through direct application

I think the professor does a very good job with answering our questions in class and is pretty clear on what’s going on and what he expects.

The way he makes us take notes, warm-up, and the concept checks keep you very engaged

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